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When you see a woman walking down the street, you don't notice what's behind her smile or thoughtful walking, her quick cycling to avoid red traffic lights, or her joy while talking on the phone. Women have what appears to be a superpower, which I interpret as resilience and strength.

We live in an age of old-fashioned theories about 'woman,' with so many prejudices passed down from generation to generation, and women constantly proving us they are wrong. So many vague meanings and women are constantly resignifying, one by one, in a bright and vibrant way.

I talk to dozens of women in my chairs every day, and I observe their struggles and dilemmas.

That's why I decided to do my best through my work to instill extra strength in each of my clients. I want you to feel more powerful than ever as you face these innumerable challenges. So, who knows, maybe you can contribute to your struggle and make it easier for future generations of women.

Woman, the scene is yours, and, believe it or not, you are unbeatable.


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